We are a JVZoo owned company and therefore we integrate very well with JVZoo. You can import 

products in the Accounts section of License Engine so that you can connect them to a software

 or plugin that you may be selling on JVZoo. In the Accounts section, you will be prompted for 

your JVZoo API key, available here, and your JVZoo Secret Key available here

1) To import products into LicenseEngine, simply click the button marked "Import JVZoo Products".



figure 1

2) To notify LicenseEngine of a sale made on JVZoo.com, visit https://www.jvzoo.com/myaccount

and create a secret key. 

figure 2

3) Return to LicenseEngine.com and paste the key in the filed labeled "JVZoo Secret Key." 

as seen in figure 1.   

4) In your JVZoo product edit screen, choose the "integrations" option, and then paste the url

 http://www.licenseengine.com/jvzipn into the field labeled "JVZIPN URL". 

5) Choose "Yes" for the option to "Use output as Key Generation and 6) Standard as the 

"JVZIPN Special Integration" method. (figure 3)

                         figure 3

You are now connected to JVZoo.