Set Up Your Account

  1. Add your JVZIPN Secret Key to your account.
  2. Visit and create your api.
  3. Add the provided API Key to your account.
  4. Import your products form JVZoo, if desired. (You can also manually add products and bypass the import)

Add your software:

  1. Click Software->Add Software in the sidebar.
  2. Select your service provider from the drop down menu (JVZoo only at this time)
  3. Select a product to associate with this software.
  4. Enter your desired name and description.
  5. Software slug. (Only for Wordpress, this will be the name of your Wordpress File)
  6. Choose a status.

Add a software version (Wordpress)

  1. Enter Author Name
  2. Enter required wordpress version
  3. Enter tested version.
  4. Enter homepage URL
  5. Enter Filename (note – at this time we only support file delivery via amazon s3) This will be the public link to your file in S3.
  6. Enter a description.
  7. Enter Installation Notes: see this tutorial for more info.
  8. Enter Change log: see this tutorial for more info.
  9. Enter this version number.
  10. Enter a domain limit. For unlimited domains use 0.
  11. Click save.

Get your code

  1. Click Software->view software in the side bar.
  2. Click Manage Settings for the desired software.
  3. Click Get Code
  4. Follow the listed instructions.
  5. Your done!